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P&C On the Streets Edition 6

P&C On the Streets Edition 6

Kathleen Wilson appears to have grounds for a malpractice lawsuit against Dr. Molldrem. Performing 8 crowns, 4 root canals, and 20 fillings in one 5.5 hour visit seems extremely excessive and risks patient safety. Additionally, the allegations that Dr. Molldrem falsified anesthesia records and left Ms. Wilson disfigured indicate negligence and lack of informed consent. While the facts still need to be examined fully in court, Ms. Wilson has made serious claims of malpractice. If true, Dr. Molldrem violated standards of reasonable dental care by overtreating and failing to obtain proper consent. Evidence would need to confirm the extent of procedures done and physical/emotional harm suffered. But Kathleen could potentially be awarded damages if Dr. Molldrem is found liable. The case serves as an important reminder for dentists to refrain from performing unnecessary procedures solely for financial gain, and to always make patient wellbeing the top priority.

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