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About P&C

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Capturing the reality.
Writing the fantasy.



Pen & Camera is an Indigenous-owned online business that provides photography and writing services. We have been working with small businesses, organizations, and individuals for over five years. We offer a range of services, both locally and when we travel abroad. Our goal is to capture the memories and stories that are important to our clients through photography and writing. We also work to empower our clients to tell their own stories and share their own experiences. By combining photography and writing, we strive to create meaningful stories that capture the beauty of life.

My journey officially began at age thirteen in Cleveland, OH. I had suddenly began writing poetry in my notebooks in my bedroom. I was feeling, thinking and going through so much before, and after, that I wasn’t conscious of what I was doing. That led to me being solid on my future career. I originally did not see myself as a writer, but it is a gift I am maturing each day. Photography had not been considered an addition until my final year of high school. Realizing how fun it is and how much I could incorporate that into what I write, the more confident I became in my decision. My fascination for books had launched as well. I hadn’t fully realized my attraction towards books or writing until I was a senior in high school. That’s when a lot of the things I was wasn’t too sure about began to solidify. Though Pen & Camera went through many growing pains since 2015, so did I. I haven’t had many positive voices in my ear. I wish to be that voice for someone else. We can all heal, grow and be better for ourselves and each other.

Rachel La-Chelle "Shy Wolf" Griffin

Owner and CEO of Pen & Camera

Based in Cincinnati, OH

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I Do. Que Es try
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