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Throwback NEWS

Experience Nostalgia with My Throwback Newsletters

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My first edition of P&C NEWS. If I had given up, I would have never known how much I would improve. The content, quality and everything in between. It was well worth pushing myself to continue my career and release these newsletters.

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*Not for Sale

What does the future hold for Water for the People? Temperatures are lowering and their team was small. What are they going to do? We haven't heard about P&C in a few months. What's happening?

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*Not for Sale

With the sudden talk of the Coronavirus, whom I've decided to call Rona, fear and panic are spreading just as quickly. With that, there's lack of work, school for children and many resources we use everyday. What does that mean for Pen & Cameras future? Will it sink faster that it has began to rise? Find out more in this months issue!

*Not for Sale

Mike Furer, a Los Angeles Attouney, filed a lawsuit against TurboTax and H&R Block. Allegedly, there have been cases of deceptive practices. They both advertise free online tax preparation for those who have low-income.


Many have been mislead into spending money they've worked hard for to use services that were claimed to be free. Not only is that false advertisement, but those who aren't able to afford the fees have bitten the bullet,

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