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Don't Be ASucka

Profitable Dreams

It's ok to make a profit.

Go on and fill your wallet.

Just don't take it from people who don't deserve it.

Keep grinding. Don't stop, y'all. Keep going!

But you'll miss the right turn looking left. Where you going?

Down the wrong street is where you're headed.

Better turn around because you're headed towards the ending.

You missed the sign the road is dead.

You won't get through is what it said.

But you ignored it. Thought you could do it.

Do it the way you want because you don't care about consequences.

Until it hits you. You crash right into them.

If you made the right turn, you would've reduced them.

Now you're stuck and suddenly want to listen.

But you've done so much, people would rather keep their distance.

So you pick yourself up and do it on your own..

Climbing the hill when they hit your phone.

Saying "Hey, little buddy. I see you're doing better.

I was calling to see if you had some time to get together."

But they left you hanging when you were being hard headed.

When you realized and started changing they still kept disappearing.

So you say "No, I'm good. I've got too much to do today.

The grind don't stop, so you've got to paper chase."

Paper chase to goal chase. That's the motto.

If you get in on it then you, too, could win the lotto.

But please stay away if you're gonna be on snake shit.

They worked hard to get where they are, so they won't let you take it.

Don't let them get far with you if they're gonna fake it.

Building your own empire.

Mistakes got you inspired.

Had to feel the cold before you could light that fire.

Under your ass to lead a life desired.

If you've got a plan, don't stray and make sure you follow.

What's waiting for you if you don't is a hard pill to swallow.

Go and make a profit.

It's ok to fill your wallet.

Just do it right.

Going left is not the option.


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