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P&C On the Streets Edition 12

P&C On the Streets Edition 12

You’re strolling through the happiest place on Earth, taking in all the rides, characters, and magical moments that Make Disneyland so special. Suddenly, you’re flat on your back seeing stars after a clumsy character plows right into you. Before you can say “Gawrsh!”, you find yourself smack in the middle of a lawsuit against The Most Magical Place on Earth. Talk about a not-so-funny-collision. That’s exactly what happened to a Disneyland guest after an encounter with the ever-goofy Goofy that left her less than amused. Now she’s looking to be made whole again and suing the Big Cheese himself for damages. Get the inside scoop on the unexpectedly un-magical legal battle between a guest and everyone’s favorite clumsy canine.

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