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Christmas in Cincy!

Though we were able to give joy and warmth to some, others were experiencing loss, helplessness and coldheartedness. While those lose control of themselves, others are losing pieces of their history. When will the world be able to heal? When will there be more love, logic and understanding and less hate, stupidity and ignorance? 

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Homeless camps are being forcibly cleared behind a countywide ban. That doesn't mean they're gone for good, but solutions for them to get shelter and other assistance hasn't been offered. Cincinnati would rather force people out who already have nothing instead. They don't want to help, but they'll set up/do business and take our money. But, with prosecutors like Joe Deters, they won't care until it happens to them. They may push the homeless out, but that doesn't mean they'll stop setting up camps.

Not in Our Neighborhood

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It's Tax Season! Unfortunately, it wasn't greeted with many smiles. Turbotax and H&R Block have walked away with money they shouldn't have.

Trademark Infringement

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A war beginning in Winter continues into Spring. From fights in the streets to women giving birth in basements turned maternity wards. People are living in fear while decided to either stay and fight or try to run away.

Russia v. Ukraine 2022

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I have two new book releases (one in queue for this month) I'm excited to talk about in this issue. One being a journal geared towards children and teens while the other is an autobiography. Though I had taken a break from writing and publishing, I'm glad to get back to what I love the most: sharing stories in an attempt to help others.

Your thoughts, feelings and who you are matters.

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From Winter 2021 through Spring 2022, I've had some opportunities to talk about my journey and work with Book Reader Magazine. Many authors like myself have had the opportunity to share with their readers our stories, works and more.

And we're LIVE!


Horrible landlords and rental companies can turn many residents away. Especially when the law has to get involved. Allowing tenants to live in horrible conditions, treating them unfairly because of prejudices and racism and so many other issues have gone on for so many years. Seems as though it’s happening more often today. Especially with all the changes being made with rent and utility charges rising to cover their debt.

USAs Worst Landlords

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Re-releases lined up for the last quarter of this and the new year. Amazing content, better word choices and better lives going forward.

New Releases!

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Inmates are suffering during the summer months in prison. There is no air conditioning in majority of the cells, so they're resorting to attempting to get air through their small windows. Even that isn't enough to prevent the health issues and deaths related to the abundance of heat. They scream for help, but to no avail. Many families are hurting knowing their loved ones are dealing with this.

Help us!


"To all citizens of different generations, ages, nationalities, ethnic origins to unite us with this great historic Russian soldiers, officers, and volunteers who are now fighting." - Vladimir Putin Will you fight or fly?

Fly or Flight?