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In 2014, I was pregnant for three months. They would’ve been my first child. My first born son. Unfortunately, I was with a partner who hadn’t been honest with me. He still wanted me to stay all while dealing with him. Even bringing an outside woman whom he had gotten pregnant with also. They were both plotting against me. Even going as far as lying about her abortion. Me, in my emotional rage, slept on my stomach purposely. I dig deep into the origins, details and end results from the relationship and miscarriage.

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I dive deep into my separation anxiety. The beginning, buildup and ultimate explosion of toxic behavior stemming from trauma. Trauma I had never fully talked about until adulthood. Something I never acknowledged until brought to my attention. Looking back at all the bad decisions I’ve made afterwards, I see how I’ve confused abandonment issues with separation anxiety and how I’m able to move forward.

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