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khyrus: To avenge his fallen parents and to preserve what they've fought to protect, Khyrus must defeat Nirjin, God of Destruction. Khyrus' people are waiting and depending on his uprising. Fortunately, the Deity of Virtue & Strength has companions to assist in regaining their home, Ebone'a. They have to fight so peace can exist once again. All of Ebone'a were determined to withstand the hardships, though they suffer. There's so much knowledge to acquire, but Khyrus has vowed to continue where his parents and ancestors could not. Khyrus’ heart has longed for the day where evil will rule no longer. Will he gain the strength and will? Will his companions fall at his side?

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An autobiography of my life thus far. I talk about all of the traumas and struggles I’ve faced. This time, I will go into detail. No characters or imaginative stories. Just myself and my reality. I mention how I have begun to heal. I also discuss my husband having a seemingly infinite amount of patience for me. Especially during moments of backtracking, inconsistencies and having no concern for positivity and growth. My mission in this life is to tell my story. Use it to inspire a change in other women. Become the end to toxic cycles. Be the positive image for our future generations to look to. My words are my power and I shall use it.

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New material set to release in 2023!