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A New Era

Slurring his words, Iien shouts “You’re gonna turn out like me, but a druggy!” His breath smells of booze and his spit tastes worse as it splatters on Nyaos' face with each word. Iien hits Nyaos with a half drunk bottle of whiskey over his back. As he falls to the ground, Iien yells “You’ll become a warrior and lead the Ebon Wolves! Nothing else!!” Iien grabs another bottle of firewater and storms into his basement.

As Nyaos rises, he fights back tears and walks towards the washroom. His mother, Omet, Goddess Of Secrecy, emerges from the attic. Carrying her performance clothes for the evening, she sighs and asks“He did it again, huh? Well, you know where the herbs are. You’re good with them, or whatnot. Just don’t go crying, ok? I don’t want anyone asking questions. Word spreads fast around here and there’s only so much of a show I can put on before the smoke clears. Got it, kid?” Omet whispered every syllable in Nyaos’ ear. He nervously nods yes and continues into the wash room. His mother chuckles and leaves for The Incubus, their night club. She  dances, sings and acts there every moon night.

Nyaos has survived for nine years thus far. The amount of weight from his traumas he is holding is so great it feels as heavy as his fathers strikes. He is a strong individual, in spite of being broken down so much. His mental, emotional and spiritual health are severely damaged and abused. Though he is able to heal any physical injuries, the internal afflictions will begin to take a toll on his body. They will gradually take a toll from the inside out. Nyaos realizes he cannot hold onto this burden. He knows he cannot allow himself to be afraid any longer.

As Nyaos finishes treating himself, he goes to his room to rest. His father walks by his room and stops at the door. Fighting a hangover, he says “I’m going to the bar. I’ll be gone for the night. There's a festival for the Anniversary of Rise of the Ebon Sun. You keep your mouth SHUT! YOU HEAR ME?!” Nyaos nods yes and closes his eyes. Iien stumbles off to the pub. After a few moments, Nyaos gathered up the courage to go and enjoy the jamboree. He knew his friends would be there and it would be great to have fun with them. He’s also finally gained the courage to speak with Nivara, his closest companion and future scribe. If no one else, he feels the most confident in talking with her.

- An excerpt from Nirvara: Power Through Words. A novel by Rachel Griffin.

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